The Hammock Lift


The Hammock Lift (Tm) was designed by Dr. BCK Patel to improve the appearance of the upper two-thirds of the face. It includes improvement of the forehead, brows, upper eyelids, lower eyelids and cheeks. 

The Hammock Lift

Longevity of the Hammock Lift

Aging slowed down!

Age marches on and the ravages of time and life eventually manifest themselves on the face (and elsewhere!). First we are young, and then……

There is no cosmetic operation that lasts forever. However, we have been impressed with the longevity of the Hammock Lift (TM) as designed by us. We concentrate on repositioning, volumizing, reshaping and recreating the fullness and curves of youth as seen in the photograph to the left. To that end, we encourage all our patients to bring photographs from younger days so we can concentrate on making faces like they did before rather than just making all patients look the same. Simply using technical surgical approaches will make faces look the same as has been seen in cosmetic procedures in certain parts of the world. Even though this lady looks beautiful even 14 years after her surgery, some small maintenance is needed to address new wrinkles and lines. Not to mention sun spots and simple aging. We will guide you with that. 

Hammock Lift by Dr. BCK Patel MD

The Hammock Lift

Aims of the Hammock Lift: creation of Gracefulness

Please note that the aim is to improve the top two-thirds of the face unlike the traditional division of the face into small sections like upper eyelids, lower eyelids, etc. When a congruous improvement is sought, a graceful improvement can be achieved in all ages. We have used this innovative approach in men and women in their 30’s to the 90’s with very pleasing results. 

You should note that the aim is not to rid the face of every small wrinkle, line or irregularity. However, an overall balanced result is what one is seeking. If you use the slider to the right, you will see how the whole face one year after the Hammock Lift gives the face a very soft and pleasant look, without any of the hallmarks of having undergone surgery. Small differences between the right and left sides of the face are to be expected as nobody is exactly equal on the two sides. 

A wonderful side-benefit of the Hammock Lift (TM) as we have designed it is the improvement we get in the jawline and the neck: this is a bonus and the procedure is not designed specifically for the jawline and neck (where a lower facelift and necklift are more powerful). Nonetheless, our patients have been pleasantly surprised by the added improvement this approach gives us even of the lower part of the face.

The firm, severe face is changed into a kinder, more beautiful face. 

Hammock Lift by Dr. BCK Patel MD Hammock Lift by Dr. BCK Patel MD

The Power of the Hammock Lift: showing longevity of results!

The Beauty of the Hammock Lift...

Notice the subtle but beautifying effects of a gentle brow elevation with arching of the brows, improvement in the area between the brows (giving feminine elegance), the firming of the upper eyelid creases, improvement in the lower eyelid “bags”, the gentle cheek repositioning and creation of the “Model’s Cheek” with the prominence of the cheeks and a gentle sub-cheek hollow which every supermodel knows and uses to advantage with makeup. 

We also created a gentle fullness of the lips and accentuated the philtral columns (between the nose and the upper lip – we call them the “pillars of beauty”).

A detailed study of aging and the beautiful face which we have performed and published on in papers allows one to design these subtle improvements. 

The aim is leave the face looking enticing, pleasing, graceful, gentle and ageless…….

The Hammock Lift

Elegance of the Hammock Lift

This lady in her 70’s looks excellent prior to surgery. Her complaint was that she looked “tired” overall. She missed the “freshness” of her face and wasn’t bothered by any one thing. 

A detailed review of her younger photographs showed the small but significant changes in the forehead, the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids, the cheeks, the lips and the skin changes. 

Concentrating on these analyzed changes, with comparison to photographs from younger days allows us to create a gentle, pleasing, fresh look. Most patients do not want “an operated look”. Allowing for the fact that there is always time needed for healing and for swelling and bruising to settle, this is the sort of result we can obtain with these advanced combination techniques based upon an accurate analysis which is individualized: we do not perform “cookie-cutter surgery”!

Elegance of the Hammock Lift: showing the creation of a more beautiful face from an already beautiful face!

The Hammock Lift

The Gentleness of the Hammock Lift


There is nothing better than accurate side-by-side photographs taken nine months apart!y The slider above “reveals” the improvements. The side-by-side photographs below allow a more critical comparison of what we were trying to achieve!

Note the improvements in the brow arches, the frown lines, the nasal bridge thinning (changing a “fat nose” to a thin nose), improvement in the projection of the eyes with more defined upper eyelids, a reversal of the aging of the lower eyelids and cheeks with a gentle smooth curve of the lower eyelids into the cheeks, the fullness and youthfulness of the cheeks, the improvement in the lip “smoker’s lines”, the upturn of the corners of the lips, and the bonus: the improvement in the lower face, jawline and chin. Again, this is not a substitute for a properly performed facelift and necklift but the improvement we get in the jawline and lower face is a wonderful bonus and loved by our patients. 

The Hammock Lift

Savoir vivre with the Hammock Lift

Although this lady presented not liking her jowls as she always previously had a strong jaw line, the changes in the upper two-thirds of the face were contributing to the appearance of tiredness and aging just as much. 

After detailed study of her younger photographs, a decision was made to do a Hammock Lift (TM). 

It should be noted that no matter which cosmetic or reconstructive procedure we undertake, the aim is never to eliminate every fine line or depression: not only is that impossible, but it can lead to a pulled and operated look. Everyone has to go through healing with bruising, swelling and some irregularities as the tissues and fat grafts settle. Although this varies from person to person, it is important to remember what we always say: “if it takes you 30, 40, 50 years to age, you will have to give us some days to weeks to heal and recover”. This is not a Faustian bargain……

Elegance of the Hammock Lift: showing the creation of a more beautiful face from an already beautiful face!

The Hammock Lift

Reversal of Time with the Hammock Lift


Beautiful bone structure underlying the changes that happen to us all as we age are to be appreciated and respected. When we see that, we build upon the excellent bone structure and accentuate the areas where the soft tissues have made the structure less prominent. In this beautiful lady’s face, we removed the aging changes of the forehead, the brows, the upper and lower lids and cheeks and freshened the skin with micro fat grafts and fractionated lasers and repositioned her cheek to create the elegance she had in her youth. Indeed, her eyelids and brows almost look better than they did thirty years before!!

Bespoke surgery with study of younger photographs and an accurate plan allows us to achieve these results. 

The Hammock Lift

Creation of Sophistication with the Hammock Lift

One would agree that the photograph on the left looks “tired” without looking bad in any particular way. Of course, our patients notice the changes which “time’s winged chariot” hastens upon us all. Many patients will not have a specific change that bothers them but they will point to “the angry brow”, or the “hooded upper eyelid”, or the “baggy lower eyelids”, or the jowls. 

If the concern is mainly the lower face, the jawline and the neck, then we concentrate upon performing the “PatelFaceLift” (TM), which gives us very gratifying results. 

However, it is always wise to consider the face as a whole and because in our daily interactions people look at our eyes and upper part of the face, we generally concentrate on improving the upper two-thirds of the face first: this is performed with the Hammock Lift (TM). Many patients will later have a lower facelift and necklift which gives a complete rejuvenation of the face. 

Note the overall softening of the face in this beautiful lady. The skin condition was improved with nano fatgrafts as well as fractionated lasers. There is a three-dimensional improvement in the face in terms of structure, skin and volume.  

The Hammock Lift

Carpe Diem! Exquisiteness of the Hammock Lift

The bloom of a fresh face recreated!

Although the term “The Hammock Lift” is used for the combination of procedures we have presented and published to show the results, the nuances vary from face to face. Here, we concentrated on recreating the fullness of the facial tissues. The face had become “deflated” and this necessitated extensive micro fat grafts and the use of surface fractionated lasers. 

In combination with that, of course, tissues were repositioned and the cheeks elevated and refined. 

The result is a fresh looking face with beautiful skin. Note that the patient is wearing no makeup in either of the photographs. 

The Hammock Lift

Creation of Refinement with the Hammock Lift

Hammock Lift Results after 1 Month: note the resolving pinkness

Results of the Hammock Lift after 1 month

Improvement in:

  • Deep forehead lines
  • Skin condition
  • Fine lines
  • Pores
  • Smoothness
  • Better brow positions
  • Improvement in the crow’s feet
  • Improvement in the lower eyelid “bags”
  • Improvement in the nasojugal and malar grooves
  • Rejuvenated cheeks with appropriate fullness
  • Clean upper eyelid creases
  • Relaxed looking eyelids (also called “beckoning”!)
  • Improves the harsh look prior to surgery
  • Note the improvement in the “Fat Nose Syndrome” TM as described by Dr. BCK Patel whereby the nasal bridge is smoother
  • The residual pinkness in the lower eyelids is the result of the improvement in the condition of the skin with the use of the fractionated CO2 laser
  • The cheek fullness is with micro fat grafts
  • The skin condition is improved with nanografts

The Hammock Lift

Power of the Hammock Lift in Men

In men we place our incisions differently and aim to hide everything as men, generally, do not use makeup. With proper planning and the combined use of our designed techniques, we can achieve an overall improvement in the structures of the face which, in a man, can make one look tired.

Notice the improvement in the skin with a combination of nano fatgrafts and fractionated lasers and the use of plasma peels.  

The structural improvements in the forehead, the brows, the upper and lower eyelids, the cheeks and jawline are using our “small-incision” endoscopic techniques which allow us to reposition, re-emphasize and rejuvenate……

Creation of a distinguished face……

Application of our Hammock Lift in Men can create an attractive, handsome face with fine features and not signs of surgery…. 

The Hammock Lift

Creation of Masculinity with the Hammock Lift


Men often forget the importance of rejuvenating the skin: fresh unblemished skin always looks more handsome than skin with keratoses, pigment spots, vessels, pores, fine lines, forehead lines, frown lines, “pillow lines”, etc. 

Even though we did not perform a lower facelift and neck lift in this handsome man, the structural changes made with the Hammock Lift (TM) allow an overall rejuvenation with freshening of the face. To maintain these results, we follow the patients and administer necessary treatments with lasers, botox and/or fillers as needed: the aim is just maintenance without any major intervention. 

The Hammock Lift

Creation of Refinement with The Hammock Lift in Younger Men

The vagaries of life and effects of time and tide begin to show in the 30’s and 40’s. Here one sees the forehead lines, the heavy brows, the hooded upper eyelids, the difference in appearance of the right and left lower eyelids and an overall descent of the cheeks and secondary changes of the jawline and neck. 

The complaint of this good-looking gentleman was one of feeling vibrant but looking tired: “everyone asks me if I am tired or sad!”

The results are a good-looking chap with preserved masculinity and a refreshed face. A man of substance…..

Application of our Hammock Lift in Men can create an attractive, handsome face with fine features and not signs of surgery…. 

The Hammock Lift

Rejuvenation of the younger male with the Hammock Lift


Subtle lifting of the brows is performed, again using techniques which do not leave visible scars. You will note that even with the best of efforts, slight asymmetry remains as none of our faces are exactly the same on the two sides. 

The skin was rejuvenated with micro fat grafts and fractionated lasers. 

The upper eyelids were freshened to improve the hooding and lash ptosis.

The lower eyelids were “filled in” to create less of a groove between the lids and cheeks: this is done more subtly in men. 

The cheek tissues were repositioned to create a more masculine appearance and with this repositioning comes the improvement in the jawline which looks more “square”, and, therefore, more manly.

There is an overall pleasing look about the face. Nice hair after surgery too! Suits him to a tee. Even though we did not perform a lower facelift and neck lift in this handsome man, the structural changes made with the Hammock Lift (TM) allow an overall rejuvenation with freshening of the face. To maintain these results, we follow the patients and administer necessary treatments with lasers, botox and/or fillers as needed: the aim is just maintenance without any major intervention.

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