The Hammock Lift

Advanced Surgical Procedures to create Beautiful Faces

The Hammock Lift (Tm) was designed by Dr. BCK Patel to improve the appearance of the upper two-thirds of the face. It includes improvement of the forehead, brows, upper eyelids, lower eyelids and cheeks. 

Compliments the PatelFacelift (TM) as described on

The Hammock Lift

The forehead

Improvement in:

  • Deep forehead lines
  • Skin condition
  • Fine lines
  • Pores
  • Smoothness


Improvement in:

  • Brow height
  • Brow curve
  • Brow symmetry
  • Frown lines


Upper Eyelids

Improvement in:

  • Eyelid height
  • Eyelid curve
  • Skin crease
  • Eyelid platform
  • Eyelash position
Aging of the face by Dr BCK Patel for Hammock Lift
Aging of the Face
Hammock Lift by Dr. BCK Patel MD Hammock Lift by Dr. BCK Patel MD

Lower Eyelids

Improvement in:

  • Laxity
  • Eyelid “bags”
  • Dark circles
  • Fine lines
  • Texture


Improvement in:

  • Cheek positions
  • Cheek fullness
  • Cheek Symmetry
  • Frown lines

Face Overall

Improvement in:

  • Creation of the beautiful oval face
  • Creation of sharper jawlines
  • Creation of more defined neck
  • Creation of the “model’s Cheeks”
  • Natural unoperated look

The Hammock Lift

Aging slowed down!

Although one continues to age and develop some changes, this powerful combination of procedures called the Hammock Lift gives long-lasting results. It is the combination of techniques as we have described that yields these results. 

Hammock Lift by Dr. BCK Patel MD

The Power of the Hammock Lift: showing longevity of results!


frequently asked questions

Healing, recovery, bruising, etc

Hammock Lift

Essentially the Hammock Lift is performed to improve the top two-thirds of the face, although the way it is designed and performed also gives a secondary improvement lower in the face which is a nice bonus

The Hammock Lift consists of procedures to improve the forehead, the frown lines, the forehead lines, the brow positions and curves, correction of brow asymmetry, improvement in the upper eyelid with a blepharoplasty, correction of lash ptosis, improvement in lower eyelid “bags”, correction of lower eyelid laxity, correction of the nasojugal and malar grooves and the repositioning of the cheeks

The surgical time is approximately two hours and is performed with anesthesia and with the maintenance of sterility

When we are reversing aging that occurs over 10, 20 or even 30 or more years, you will need a few weeks to recover. Everyone will experience swelling and bruising. This begins to settle within a few days. However, some minor swelling can remain for longer than he first two weeks

If you want to attend a function and not have anyone know you had surgery, it will take about four weeks. However, most people can return to work within a week, albeit with some coverup makeup

Hammock Lift

We generally perform the Hammock Lift first which gives a very nice improvement to the top two-thirds of the face. The lower face and necklift can be performed as soon as a few months later or as late as you wish with a lower facelift and neck lift

One of the reasons we designed this operation is to give a congruous and symmetrical improvement to the face. All our patients are delighted to see the improvement in the jawline after the Hammock Lift. However, a proper face and necklift performed using out techniques gives an even better jawline and neck. 

Our patients get a very satisfactory improvement for many years. Of course, the body continues to age and some small changes will appear and progress. We maintain the results of our patients with simple maintenance in the clinic with lasers, fillers and/or botox as needed

Some patients only need some of the components of the Hammock Lift, depending upon the particular changes and concerns. We can guide you and you can decide on the best choice depending upon the  findings.

Those of our patients who are mostly bothered by the lower face and the neck choose to do the lower face and neck lift first. They then have the Hammock Lift at a later date. It is all a matter of what concerns you the most. 

The Power of the Hammock Ladies.....

We have performed the process on Caucasian faces, Eastern faces, East Indian faces, Iranian, Arab and African faces. 

“Although it took some time for the swelling to settle, I am so happy with the result of the Hammock Lift Dr Patel did for me. “


(quote from review)

before and after Hammock Lift before and after Hammock Lift

The Power of the Hammock Gentlemen.....

Men are analyzed differently from ladies: the aim is to create masculine lines and shapes whereas with ladies, we are creating “hills and hollows” to give the face a feminine look. The procedure is still called the “Hammock LiftTM”, but the approach is very different. 

“Thank you for leaving me looking like a man!! “


(quote from review) 

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